Swyft Documentation

Swyft Documentation

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Adding Swyft to Zoom

1.After signing up for Swyft, you will be directed to connect your Zoom account.

2.Click "Connect Zoom", and sign into Zoom when prompted.

3.After successful sign in, Swyft will be added to your Zoom apps.

Using Swyft

1.Once you end a Zoom call, Zoom will begin processing the recording.

2.Once Zoom processes the recording and transcript, Swyft will scan the transcript and summarize your call and next steps discussed.

3.Once Swyft details are generated, you will see the details in the CRM update page.

4.Click "Save to Salesforce" to update Salesforce CRM fields.

Removing Swyft from Zoom

1.Navigate the Zoom Marketplace (https://marketplace.zoom.us/), and sign in to Zoom.

2.Click Manage >> Added Apps or search for the "Swyft" app.

3.Click the "Swyft" app.

4.Click Remove.

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