Automate CRM data and revenue motions with AI

Eliminate admin work for your revenue teams while capturing better data for your business.

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Automate any manual sales motion, like event and task creation or updates.

Effortlessly automate your sales motions.

Configure Swyft to capture every piece of CRM data. Build custom workflows to automate where that data should go and any other manual sales motion.

increase in data hygiene
4 hrs
saved each week per rep
For teams

Automate processes across your entire revenue team

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For RevOps

With Swyft, data hygiene and process adherence is a breeze. Configure Swyft to capture every piece of CRM data and then automate your sales motions.

For Reps

Keep sellers selling. Use Swyft to automatically capture all of the CRM data that needs to be updated in one click.

For Managers

Who has time to sit through endless meetings and call reviews? With Swyft, managers can review their teams meetings in a single place, with access to call summaries and extracted meeting details.


Swyft integrates with your existing tools

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