Swyft AI interfaces with CRM data on an as-needed basis, meaning we store very little of your data at any given time. Our servers are managed by Heroku (Salesforce-owned), taking advantage of their secure-by-design infrastructure and built-in-protection.

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Your CRM data is protected.

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Own your data

Your CRM data is accessed on-demand.

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Sign in with CRM

Keep your account secure by signing in with Salesforce or HubSpot (SSO).

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Keep control of your records

Access to records and fields is controlled by your CRM permissions.


Cloud security

Our services are hosted on the Heroku platform. Heroku is a Salesforce-owned company, and employs a robust security program with multiple certifications.

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Business continuity

We use our data hosting provider's backup services to reduce any risk of data loss.

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Encryption at rest

OAuth tokens are stored encrypted.

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Vulnerability scanning

Our infrastructure is continuously scanned for vulnerabilities and threats.


Vendor and risk management

Vendors must be secure.

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Vendor risk management

Vendor risk is determined and the appropriate reviews are completed.

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